Montag, 18. Juni 2012

No longer Skype beta on Linux - Skype 4.0!

Skype 4.0 has been released.
Of course, there's no Slackware-Package available from the Skype homepage. (Who knew? ;))

If you want to upgrade to Skype 4.0 today, you can use this Source-Package:

and build it by using this SlackBuild:

The SlackBuild script linked above has also been submitted to, but currently it's in the pending queue (and I've seen script in the pending queue for about two months, so don't count on that :)).

NOTE: If you're on a 64 bit Slackware you need to add 32 bit librarys. See this page for further information:

Have fun... well, you have fun, I mean, you're using Slackware. :)

Edit: Ahh, finally there's a fresh, warm, approved Slackbuild available.

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